Paul Singer Is Ready To Treat Trump Like Argentina

And he also backs Rubio or whatever.

With his war against Argentina behind him, it appears that Elliott Management head honcho Paul Singer has some ample time on his hands.

Hedge fund billionaire and Republican megadonor Paul Singer looks set to be named national finance chairman of Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign.

Singer has been involving himself in Rubio PACs this cycle, but stepping into direct contact with the campaign is a paradigm shift for Singer and his money. And while we don't want to get too speculative here, but this seems to be way less about Singer's love for Rubio and way more about Singer's feelings for someone else.

After all, Singer is a social liberal whose conservatism exists mostly on balance sheets. Rubio is an avowed pro-life, anti-gay marriage Republican who is not thought of as much of an economic thinker. Hardly a math made in political heaven.

But right now Rubio is the only guy left in the ring with presumptive President-Elect Donald Jiffy Trump. Singer and Trump do not like each other at all, and it stands to reason that a guy like Singer - who takes on sovereign nations like most people fight with their dry cleaner - is more than happy to roll up his sleeves and do everything he can to fight the Trump campaign.

It will be interesting to see how many more of "these hedge fund guys" join up with Singer to fight Trump. But the whole thing might be moot if Trump runs the table in today's Super Tuesday primaries.

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