Point72 Asset Management In Process Of Taking Over Asia

Because why not?

Sure, SAC Capital Advisors Point72 Asset Management is masquerading as a family office for now to appease the bowed and broken Preet Bharara. But that’s not stopped it from conquering compliance, quantitative investing and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Now, Point72 is embarking on a land war in Asia, because every family office needs three bases and a PR person in the Pacific Rim.

It also has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore and has considered opening in China, Point72 President Douglas Haynes said in a recent interview in Stamford.

"We have thought of opening a research office in either Shanghai or Beijing," he said, as the firm considers expanding its footprint as more of its trading is being done in foreign securities….

As someone who has lived overseas and owns a passport that he said is 1-1/2 inches thick, Haynes said he believed in giving staff a more international flavor.

Lindsay Taylor, a portfolio manager who was trading in the United States, is also moving to Singapore. And for the first time, the company is sending a public relations executive, Molly Binenfeld, to Hong Kong.

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