SEC Should Allow Alternative Mutual Funds Because People Like Them: Managers Of Alternative Mutual Funds

Just go with it.

Candy for everyone!

They feel so strongly about this that some of them are throwing their first lobbyists at the metaphorical horses bolting from the regulatory barn.

“There are a lot of institutional investors that were happy to have this, and so were many individual investors,” said David Kabiller, a founding principal at AQR, which manages more money in alternative mutual funds than any other firm except BlackRock Inc. “If we have to modify them, it’s the investors who lose out with lower expected returns….”

The SEC’s proposal has so riled AQR that it hired a lobbyist for the first time to help it navigate Washington and press its views to regulators, lawmakers and think tanks.

Hedge Funds for Retail Class Face Regulatory Reckoning [WSJ]


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Can't think of a good reason not to, so.

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