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Employer Of Venture Capitalist Accused Of Sex Abuse Okay With His Decision To Leave Firm

HR didn't fight him on this one.
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Remember Michael Goguen? You should, because we discussed him yesterday with regard to a lawsuit filed against him by Amber Laurel Baptiste, a woman who claims Goguen met her at a strip club and "promised to free her from her captors in exchange for sex and then sexually, physically and emotionally abused her for 13 years." Anyway, in light of the allegations, Goguen decided to leave his post at Sequoia Capital, which his colleagues, who've surely been enjoying their company's name use in the same breath as "countless hours of forced sodomy," agree was probably for the best.

Goguen, who has already paid her $10 million, said she is “a woman scorned” and a victim “of her own delusions.” He claims that when he tried to end their relationship, Baptiste became bent on vengeance, threatening to ruin his life and reputation. He said that he had no choice but to pay her the $10 million, but that she refused to relent and demanded more money. Sequoia Capital released a statement that called Goguen’s departure from the firm the “appropriate course of action.”

Update: According to Goguen's lawyer, Diane Doolittle: "This lawsuit is a vile collection of lies and a transparent attempt to destroy the reputation and good name of Mr. Goguen. The overwhelming evidence — as cited in our Cross Complaint for extortion – shows that she is a disgruntled former lover who had a consensual relationship with him starting in her 20s. This isn’t a case of human trafficking, but an age old story of a jilted lover looking for revenge. We are eager to fight these defamatory and outlandish allegations and tell the truth. We look forward to our day in court, where facts trump fiction."

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