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Sequoia Capital Partner Says "Purely Personal Matter" Influenced Decision To Leave Firm (Allegations Of 13 Years Of Sex Abuse)

You know, the usual.
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What one party views as a decade plus of "sexually, physically and emotionally abuse" another sees as a "romantic relationship" that ended "badly."

Amber Laurel Baptiste, who claims to have been brought to the U.S. by human traffickers, sued Goguen in San Mateo, California, state court alleging he failed to pay her the full $40 million he had agreed to avoid an earlier lawsuit. Goguen said he plans to countersue Monday for extortion. He said it’s a “purely personal” matter and has nothing to do with Sequoia...Baptiste claims Goguen met her at a strip club where she was forced to work by human traffickers. He had promised to free her from her captors in exchange for sex and then sexually, physically and emotionally abused her for 13 years, according to the complaint. He agreed to pay her $40 million when she threatened to sue him, but after paying her $10 million he refused to honor the rest of the agreement, Baptiste claimed. “These horrific allegations against me come at the end of a 10+ year romantic relationship that ended badly,” Goguen said in an e-mailed statement.

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