Someone On eBay Apparently Believes That Hedge Fund Groupies Are A Thing That Exists

For the mere price of $22K, the business cards of Ackman, Falcone, Eisman and Paulson could be yours!

We might have come across one of the greatest and strangest eBay sales in the history of bizarre Wall Street miscellany.

This little beauty is auctioning off the business cards of Steve Eisman, Bill Ackman, Phil Falcone and John Paulson. The seller is hoping that someone out there is looking to build a "Heroes of the Torah"-type collection, but with hedge funders. This ingenious entrepreneur is also trying to trade on the popularity of the "The Big Short" movie by reminding potential bidders that Steve Eisman is basically Steve Carell.

Here's the pitch:

Here is your chance to own actual business cards from four men who were intelligent enough to profit during the financial crisis. Eisman is Steve Carrell's character in "The Big Short". ***There is no guarantee that these cards contain DNA that could be combined to clone the perfect investor.*** William Ackman, John Paulson, Phil Falcone and Steve Eisman. Do it.

"Do it" indeed, but beware that this thirsty seller is seeking $22K for the 4 cards, which are oddly photographed without contact info someone is either misjudging the actual value of these cards or wildly over-estimating the market for hedge fund fanboy collectibles.

Now we're not prone to conspiracy theories here at Dealbreaker dot com, but our brain is tickled by the notion of cloning Eisman, Ackman, Falcone and Paulson into one Frankenstein-esque monster trader. Would it look like Leon Cooperman?

Anyway, good luck with the auction, Lisa Marie Falcone.