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Ted Cruz Goes Way Out Of His Way To Take Debate Potshot At Wall Street

Old Meltyface will say all the words.

Texas Senator and Goldman Sachs spouse Ted Cruz is still laboring under the assumption that he is running for president. As part of that delusion, Cruz participated in last night's GOP debate in Miami.

Compared to the previous carnivals of egomaniacal ranting, Thursday night's debate was relatively mature. No one referred to his own dick size, name-calling was kept to a minimum and there was actual discussion of some policy.

But this was a 2016 GOP debate, so there were some fun moments. Like this moment when the candidates were trying to one-up each other on who is more anti-immigrant and Cruz apparently realized that he was missing "Wall Street" on his word bingo sheet...

CRUZ: We're going to end welfare benefits for anyone who is here illegally. And the thing to understand, Stephen, we can solve these problems. It's not that we don't know how to do it. It's that we're lacking the political will. Neither of the parties in Washington wants to do this.
The Democrats support illegal immigration because they view those illegal immigrants as potential voters and far too many of the Republicans are doing the bidding of Wall Street and the special interest and they view it as cheap labor.

Nice one Teddy, a vague attack line that manages to tie voter fears of immigration in with the influence of money in politics and also "Wall Street." Because it's easy in intimate that financial firms are casting a dark shadow over every aspect of American life, but it's hard to say it outright when one of those firms employed your wife, cut you a sweet deal on a large loan and paid for your family's health care for many years.

Congrats on your bingo though, Ted.


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