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Teenager Experimenting (With Managed Futures)

Jacob Wohl, 18, is a "hedge fund guru."
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Chief Innovation Officer

Value investing may have worked for Warren Buffett for six decades, but self-proclaimed hedge-fund prodigy Jacob Wohl bored of it before graduating high school. So he’s moving to the Hollywood Hills, hiring a former television starlet as a derivatives trader and joining all those cool kids running alternative mutual funds in the hip managed futures space. And he’s got a new set of heroes, the kind of ruffians your parents don’t want you hanging around with (because they might just put a few M80s under the global economy for laughs).

Wohl follows the path other major hedge fund players have taken by engaging in short volatility trading, such as was the case with Long Term Capital Management, which recently opened a new fund.

Hedge Fund Guru Jacob Wohl, 18, Switches Strategy To Managed Futures [ValueWalk]



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