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UBS’s Tax-Evasion Defense May Have Involved A Little Light Witness Intimidation

Was that wrong? Should they not have done that?
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It's just a cake! We kid!

Hot on the heels of the most recent probe into whether the Swiss bank acted like a Swiss bank, a French judge has decided to get to the bottom of who put that horse’s head into Nicolas Forissier’s bed.

French prosecutors are probing whether UBS France, which faces preliminary charges for its alleged complicity in tax fraud, tried to silence Nicolas Forissier, the bank’s internal auditor between 2001 and 2009, after he alerted his management and French authorities about the bank’s alleged practices.

UBS of course denies that it would ever do so rank a thing. If they were to engage in witness tampering, they’d be gentlemen about it. After all, it’s their human rights that have been violated here.

"UBS France confirms that, following a complaint filed by a former employee, the judge decided to put the bank under formal examination for interfering with the witness, but not for moral harassment, also alleged by this former employee," UBS said in an emailed statement.

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