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Valeant ‘Nearer’ To Finishing 10-K But Would Like To Be Farther From Filing It

Cut 'em a break, would you?
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Not this guy's problem anymore.

Rest assured that the troubled pharmaceutical and its reinforcements, working hard to get its already-a-month-plus-late annual report to you, haven’t found anything else that might make its stock price drop by another order of magnitude or two. And it's getting “nearer,” creditors, honest. It's just not sure that the six-week extension’s gonna be enough. So if you could find it in your heart to give it another 30 days with which to hang itself before you do it for it with a default declaration, that’d be great.

Valeant has said it plans to file by April 29, but in case it can’t meet that deadline, the company is asking lenders to give it until May 31. Valeant also wants an extension to July 31 of the deadline for filing its quarterly report for the current first quarter….

Valeant’s proposed changes to lenders would restrict Valeant’s ability to make certain acquisitions, pay dividends or make other payments until the financial statements are filed and the company achieves certain financial metrics.

Which is all it does, so you know it's serious.

Valeant Asks its Lenders for Some Slack [WSJ]


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