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Wells Fargo Pays Out $8.5M For Not Reminding Customers That They Are Being Recorded Every Time They Call Wells Fargo To Complain About Wells Fargo


Everyone pretty much knows that every bank records every phone call from every customer yelling that they are pissed about something.

Only a total dolt or luddite would assume that there is no digital recording out there of themselves on the phone with some poor schlub in a cubicle farm listening while they rant and rage about their mortgage payment or balance statement. It's a fact of life, like Facebook selling all of our personal data to everyone willing to pay for it.

But this new paradigm seems to have escaped the notice of some Wells Fargo customers in California...

A Wells Fargo & Co unit will pay $8.5 million to California and five of the state's counties to settle charges that it violated customers' privacy due to not disclosing in a timely fashion that it was recording their calls.
Wells Fargo Bank broke California's privacy laws, which require notifying customers at the start of a phone call that they are being recorded, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement on Tuesday about the state's civil case against the company.

Really? Suing a bank for failing to notify you immediately that they are recording your call? It's Wells Fargo, folks, you're lucky that they're picking up at all.

Oh man, wait until these voracious litigants people hear about Facebook.

Wells Fargo to pay California $8.5 million for privacy law violations [Reuters]



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