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Wharton Grads To Miss Out On SunEdison CEO's Pearls Of Wisdom

Apparently his "schedule" has changed.
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Say what you will about SunEdison’s Ahmad Chatila-- and his shareholders, a bankruptcy court judge, the SEC, and the DOJ might say plenty--, the man could've offered the business leaders of tomorrow quite a few cautionary tales.

“Mr. Chatila informed us that he must, unfortunately, cancel his plans to speak at the Wharton MBA Program for Executives San Francisco graduation as his schedule has changed,” Peggy Bishop Lane, the program’s vice dean, said in a statement. “We regret he will not be able to address our graduating students and wish him the best.” SunEdison’s outlook has darkened considerably since February, when Wharton announced that it booked Mr. Chatila to speak at the ceremony. The company, whose market capitalization grew to nearly $10 billion in July before plummeting to less than $100 million, is preparing to file for bankruptcy, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. It’s also facing Securities and Exchange Commission and Justice Department investigations and a lawsuit from a subsidiary accusing it of diverting funds.

SunEdison CEO Cancels Wharton Graduation Speech [MoneyBeat]


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