Did The Allergan-Pfizer Deal Fall Through? Pfizer Investors Hadn’t Noticed

Pfizer investors are getting high on their own supply.

While John Paulson and Dan Loeb tear their hair and rend their garments over the Treasury Department’s torpedoing of Pfizer’s tax-inversion merger with Allergan, Pfizer’s investors aren’t even bothered.

In fact, they - to the extent that such staid, long-term, dividend-collecting investors even pay attention to such things— and everyone else in the market seemed to think that this was a pretty crummy deal for Pfizer, tax savings notwithstanding.

Pfizer’s shares jumped on the news of the deal’s demise. In the past five days, the stock gained 7.4%, bringing investors back to about even for the year to date. At $32.40 per share Friday afternoon, Pfizer has rebounded almost back to its five-year high of $36.46 reached in July, as investors felt Pfizer was better off without Allergan and remaining in the U.S.

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