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I'd Have To Really Psych Myself Up To Defend Andrew Caspersen At Trial: Andrew Caspersen's Attorney

Can we all be honest with each other for a sec? My client doesn't stand a chance of winning this thing.
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Back in March, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice charged former Park Hill Group partner Andrew W.W. Caspersen with attempting to lure people-- including hedge fund manager Louis Bacon and Princeton classmates-- into a $95 million investment scam. Will this turn into a long drawn out legal battle with vociferous declarations of Caspersen's innocence and months-long trial that attempts to clear his name? His lawyer doesn't exactly see things going down that road and not just because there's a bias against people with double barreled initials.

Andrew W.W. Caspersen, a former Wall Street executive charged with masterminding a $95 million fraud, is likely to settle his criminal case in the next 60 days, his lawyer said Wednesday. “It’s not the most triable case,” attorney Paul Shechtman said.

Andrew Caspersen Likely to Settle Criminal Case, Lawyer Says [WSJ]


Andrew W.W. Caspersen's Attorney Still Hoping To Avoid Defending His Client In Court

Ole double-barreled initials still hasn't struck a plea deal.