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Fired HSBC Trader Wants $2.6 Million Because He Doesn't Know How To Send An Attachment

Ben Lazimy knows what we're talking about.
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Late last week, ex-HSBC trader Ben Lazimy filed a lawsuit demanding that the bank fork over $2.6 million for firing him after he sent an internal document containing client information to himself at his Yahoo! account, a move fellow financial services employees will tell you, banks do notlook kindly upon. According to HSBC's lawyer, the company was fully justified in firing Lazimy, as "the data was confidential and key to business," and his request for damages is "absurd." According to Lazimy's lawyer, that check better be in the mail ASAP because: 1. Everyone else had the document, too and 2. Whatever plan the trader had for the information was ruined when the attachment was rendered useless.

El Berry said her client didn’t breach professional secrecy as the document never got into any outsider’s hands. The spreadsheet was widely available within the bank -- even to interns -- and a police report found the attachment “was damaged and unusable,” she said, adding that prosecutors dismissed HSBC’s criminal complaint.

HSBC Sued by Trader Fired for Sending Data to Yahoo E-Mail [Bloomberg]


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