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Bill Clinton Is Sick And Tired Of Greedy Hedge Fund Managers Like His Son-In-Law

Clintonian cognitive dissonance is BACK!

During a campaign stop in Indianapolis yesterday, former President and hopeful "First Hubba" Bill Clinton gave a little speech that was vintage Clinton yet tinged by Sanderista philosophy.

Per the Daily Mail:

"But if you're an activist investor, a hedge fund or a billionaire, what you're trying to to is to force that company to make a certain amount of money every three months. And you want them to squeeze everything they can every year out of them so you can sell your stock in a year and a day' and pay a lower tax rate.
If you really wanna do something to reduce inequality in America, you've got to reduce the power of the hedge funds and the billionaires to drive all the profits of corporations only to shareholders and the top management, he told a crowd of about 500 who packed a hot room, which sets next to an empty store in a strip mall north of downtown located near pawn shops, mattress stores, and a lingerie video boutique."

Hillary has carefully avoided many direct attacks on"Hedge fund billionaires," choosing instead to refer to them under the catch-all umbrella phrase of "Shadow Banking." Accusing hedge funds of cravenly bleeding the economy dry to build their own wealth is Bernie sh!t.

And perhaps the Clintons have been wary of talking about hedge funds because their son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky runs macro fund Eaglevale Partners. Mezvinsky runs the fund with partners he met while working at Goldman Sachs (stop grinning, Bernie bros) and has raised a lot of money from Clinton family friends like hedge funder Marc Lasry. Eaglevale also got crushed betting on Greece last year.

Basically, opening the door on Marc Mezvinsky's very existence provides Hillary critics with a human, related-by-marriage example of everything they distrust about her. So why is Bill going balls out and attacking hedge funds at this point in the campaign?

Because the Clintons are done running against Bernie and Bill is basically daring fellow Democrats to snub Hillary in November and let Donald Trump move into the White House.

"Do we love Wall Street and money? You betcha. Now watch Trump talk about Mexican border walls and women...See y'all in the fall."

With Bernie fading the rear-view, the Clintons are playing with political Alpha.

Bill Clinton takes on Bernie as he attacks 'billionaires' and 'greedy' hedge fund bosses [Daily Mail]



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