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Bill Gross Had A Totally Reasonable, Measured Response To Mohammed El-Erian's Departure From Pimco, A Firm That He's Not At All Obsessed With

No, just kidding.
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In 2014, Bill Gross left Pimco, the firm he founded in 1971, after accepting a job at Janus Capital. Gross's last months at the firm weren't very happy ones-- they included an article in the Wall Street Journal that detailed his penchant for not allowing employees to look him in the eye, docking people's pay for single typos, and fining people for sitting when he thought they should be standing; calling up Reuters and insisting his colleague, Mohammed El-Erian, was behind the negative story, and noting that he'd been monitoring El-Erian's phone calls; and a hand-written note basically telling the firm to f*ck off-- so one might think that he'd be happy to put his time there behind him and focus on the present.1 But one would think wrong! In addition to suing Pimco for $200 million and claiming he was fired, here are some things Gross recently said in the presence of a reporter:

  • “I am fixated on proving that they were wrong. It’s like — no, you shouldn’t have done that and the numbers will prove it.”
  • “My whole evening is dependent on whether I beat them. You see, I have to prove it all over again. Every day.”
  • “When you write my obituary I don’t want you to mention that I was fired by Pimco. I want you to write that I was a great investor — so maybe I am not over it.”

Oh, also:

Furious at the betrayal, Mr. Gross wanted to dock Mr. El-Erian’s pay and provoke him into suing Pimco, which, he believed, would hurt his chances of getting another job, those people said. Pimco executives rejected the idea — as well as a demand that they lie to a newspaper reporter to present him in a better light, they said.

For Bill Gross, Besting Pimco Is the Best Revenge [Dealbook]

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1. A present in which he's still worth approximately $2.3 billion.