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Bill Gross's Handwritten Resignation Note, Departure In The Middle Of The Night Kiiiinda Undermining Bold Claim He Was Fired From Pimco

Naturally, Bill doesn't see it that way.
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Back in October, Bill Gross sued Pimco, the company he co-founded, claiming that his departure from the firm in 2014 was a result of him being fired. In addition to allegedly terminating his employment-- rather than him leaving of his own volition for a new job at Janus Capital-- Gross said that Pimco failed to pay him a $200 million bonus. For those who had been keeping up with the Saga o' Bill, the storyline that the asset manager had fired its co-CEO made sense, owing to the insane behavior he exhibited in the months leading up to his exit from the firm. As a reminder, that behavior included:

  • Not allowing employees to look him in the eye
  • Docking people's pay for single typos
  • Fining, on at least one occasion, a trader for sitting when Gross thought he should've been standing
  • Referring to himself as "Secretariat"
  • Following a summation of the above in an article by the Wall Street Journal, calling up Reuters and telling reporters that his former colleague, Mohammed El-Erian, had engineered the article
  • The proof coming from phone calls of El-Erian that Gross had been monitoring
  • Telling Reuters to stop taking "his side"

And yet!

Bill Gross was warned he would lose his bonus if he quit Pacific Investment Management Co. before the end of the quarter, Pimco said in a court filing, challenging the central claim in his lawsuit against his former employer seeking hundreds of millions of dollars...Gross left behind a handwritten message “in the middle of the night, before walking out of Pimco’s offices for the last time,” saying his resignation was effective Sept. 26, 2014, at 6:29 a.m. Pacific time, according to Monday’s filing. “Mr. Gross ended his career at Pimco with no notice or transition, disregarding the potential impact on the individual and institutional clients whose assets he was responsible for managing,” the firm said. “He exited Pimco’s Newport Beach offices for the last time without telling anyone he was leaving. His longtime colleagues first learned of Mr. Gross’s departure from a press release issued by his new employer, Janus Capital Group, early on the morning of September 26, 2014.”

Pimco Says Bill Gross Was Told He'd Lose $200 Million Bonus [Bloomberg]

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