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Bonus Watch '16: Nomura's Investment Bankers Wondering Where Management Gets Off

Well? They'll wait.
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The bank is apparently going for the whole 'you'll take what you get and you'll like it, as you should be happy you still have a job unlike the guy/girl who used to sit next to you' argument, a line of reasoning employees receiving 40% of what they were hoping to take home are not feeling good about.

New York investment bankers at the Japanese bank are fuming after their bonus pool was slashed 60 percent — to $20 million. The US unit had originally sought a $50 million pool for its remaining 39 employees, a source said. Earlier this month, Nomura gave the heave-ho to 11 of about 50 managing directors in its US division...The not happy Nomura investment bankers will find out about their bonuses in early May, about four months after rivals at US banks typically unveil incentive compensation.

Nomura’s surviving bankers aren’t happy with bonus cut [NYP]


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