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Coffee Is For Closers: Perella Weinberg Said To Be Taking A Page From Glengarry Glen Ross

Put. That coffee. Down.
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Everyone could use a few pointers every now and then, and if you can turn sharpening ones skills into a fun little competition wherein first prize is a Cadillac El Dorado, all the better.

"Always been closing" from Glengarry Glen Ross and advice from The Art of the Deal are just some of the tips being given to Perella Weinberg directors and MDs by recently hired coaching firm, Templar Advisors. This followed recent feedback from clients that bankers at Perella lacked presence, expertise, and industry know-how. Another setback, after the firm fired some of its most talented bankers last year, and have missed several deals to other boutiques...The firm is going back to the basics by teaching newly appointed rainmakers haw to manage clients."


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