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Credit Suisse Shareholder Sees A Lot Of Similarities Between The Bank And "An office building that seems to be collapsing"

So that's not great.
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And chief executive officer Tidjane Thiam totally gets and appreciates that comparison, though he'd prefer to think of Credit Suisse as a fixer-upper he bought as a foreclosure and intends to extensively renovated, rather than a structure that's going to cave in a kill everyone inside.

Top executives at Credit Suisse Group AG asked shareholders on Friday to be patient with the Swiss bank’s turnaround efforts and depressed stock price. Addressing investors at Credit Suisse’s annual meeting, Chief Executive Tidjane Thiam said that, “the development of our company’s share price in recent months has been disappointing for you as shareholders, for everyone at Credit Suisse and for me personally.” Some weren't placated. Credit Suisse “reminds me of an office building that seems to be collapsing,” said the first shareholder to speak following Mr. Thiam’s remarks. “We shareholders are the suffering owner of the building.”

Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam Calls for Investor Calm [WSJ]



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