Congrats To Dealbreaker's March Madness 2016 Champ: Ashley Alphonse

It was a close one!

zThe Madness is over...The Madness will never end.

But it sort of did the moment Kris Jenkins hit one of the all-time great NCAA tourney shots and delivered Villanova its first championship in 31 years.

He also delivered the Dealbreaker Madness crown to "Ashley Alphonse" who edged out a victory by a measly 2 points over "alex brooks" in 2nd place. Ashley put herself in pretty good position by missing out just two picks in the entire Midwest region, giving herself cover from incorrectly predicting three of the Final Four (nice call on Oklahoma though).

For her troubles, Ashley has laid claim to a Dealbreaker banker bag.

For a second place finish "alex brooks" has won a vintage "I Love DB" pin.

3rd Place finisher "Joshua Messina" should reach out to us and find out what he won.

And becasue we're feeling generous, "Ed Keenan" who finished 83rd of 83 completed brackets will also receive a pin.

Thanks to all who played, and prize-winners should reach out to us at so we know where to send your sh!t.

Until next year...