Deutsche Bank Has A Dream

But it needs everyone's help.

It's a two-part dream,vis-à-vis legal troubles. Part one: pay all the fines it owes various regulators by the end of the year. Part two: not be forced to cut enormous checks for a cornucopia of wrongdoing ever or again. (Or at least for the foreseeable future. No one's perfect).

Deutsche Bank's (DBKGn.DE) co-chief executive Juergen Fitschen said Germany's biggest bank aimed to close its major legal disputes by the end of the year, he told a German newspaper. Germany's flagship bank has paid nearly 13 billion euros (10 billion pounds) to settle legal disputes since 2012 and is stuck in the midst of ongoing cases. "We want to conclude important proceedings until the end of the year," Fitschen told German daily Bild. "However, it's also clear that we have to avoid such proceedings in the future."

Deutsche Bank aims to seal major legal disputes by end of 2016 - co-CEO [Reuters]