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Trump's Potential Treasury Picks Are Still Bananas: Bloomberg

"The Apprentice: Treasury Department"

Throw some more crazy on the campfire while we all handicap what a Trump cabinet might look like.


Because it’s Friday, Bloomberg had a little fun putting together a list of possible Treasury Secretaries for all the remaining candidates. We'll spare you the names they dug up to run Treasury under a Kasich or Cruz administration, cuz...c'mon.

While the names they found for Bernie are almost lazy in their shared knee-jerk far-left liberalism, it does make some sense that Robert Reich or Elizabeth Warren would be Bernie's choices. Because what other names does he know?

Hillary's list of proven and committed Clinton samurais like Lael Brainard, Gary Gensler, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Cheryl Mills and Gene Sperling. Whether they're perceived as "too close to Wall Street" (like Mills) or too antagonistic (Gensler), they are all pretty Clintonian mainstream pics. The one blip is Sheryl Sandberg, who would be both an out of the box and wildly modern pick.

But the real meat of the story is the troika they name for Trump.

We've talked about all three of these "potential Trump nominees" individually, but it's fun to see them collected together in one place, basking in a shared, 80's-inflected, batshit glory.

Firstly, there's Trump BFF (and Tim Cook frenemy) Carl Icahn, who Bloomberg coyly describes thusly:

Few may imagine that a contrarian investor who says he makes money by studying "stupidity" might be the next Treasury secretary.

"Few" indeed. And up until months ago, Uncle Carl was one of them. Plus, we've already tapped Icahn for the head gig in Trump's Fed, so back off, Bloomberg.

But Icahn is basically cuddly compared to Bloomberg's second name. Not only does Henry Kravis' "That's mine now" style of negotiation make it hard to see him as a consensus builder between finance and government, he's also said that he found it "scary" when Trump threw his name out to run Treasury.

And most importantly, working in government for a guy he likely doesn't even respect very much would deprive Kravis of precious ass-kicking time, and he treasures his ass-kicking time.

One guy who is done kicking asses is Jack Welch. Trump loves to drop Welch's name when listing awesome businessmen he knows, because Jack Welch is basically the Guess Jeans of American executives. Huge in the 80s, a little too sexy in the 90s, but everyone remembers him rather fondly by now.

Unfortunately, Welch doesn't seem to like The Donald very much. He's pledged his devotion to Ted Cruz for months now and is also a guy who has not been known to think highly of government interference in the private sector.

All three choices remain rather way outside the mainstream/reality, which is one reason to discount them, but hardly the best reason.

It seems almost obvious at this point that President Trump will be ready to really shake things up, which is why it seems almost inevitable that we will soon see ads for "The Apprentice: Treasury Department" coming to C-SPAN this December.

One of These People Could Be the Next U.S. Treasury Secretary [Bloomberg]



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