Formerly Innovative Investment Product Struggling A Bit With Innovation

It's sooooo frustrating.

Think it’s impossible to come up with a name for a hedge fund? Try coming up with an idea for a new exchange-traded fund.

With more than 1,800 already out there, just 43 new ones came to market in the first quarter, the fewest in two whole years, because, as in Hollywood, creativity is dead and everyone’s just trying to milk the most out of what they’ve already got. We bet you’ll come up with 100 plausible and available mythical, classical or geographical hedge fund noms d’entreprises before you could figure out a new kind of ETF someone would actually buy.

Some issuers of exchange-traded funds, which hold baskets of securities like mutual funds but trade on an exchange like a stock, say they are more carefully assessing potential investor demand for their products before launching anything new….

“There’s no question all the easy ideas are gone,” said Dave Nadig, head of ETFs at FactSet.

Pace of ETF Debuts Fall, as ‘All the Easy Ideas Are Gone’ [WSJ]