Everybody Hates Whatever They Think "Wall Street" Is: WSJ - Dealbreaker

Everybody Hates Whatever They Think "Wall Street" Is: WSJ

Wall Street has become the Rorschach test for angry voters, but no one knows what they're looking at.

Whether you're a New Yorker who voted for The Bern, The Donald, The Hill - or even if you're that one dude who voted for Cruz - chances are high that you are no fan of Wall Street.

What ya say, WSJ?

Voters in New York’s Democratic and Republican primaries on Tuesday brought far different views to the task of picking a presidential nominee, but they found one notable point of agreement: a distrust of Wall Street.
Some 63% of Democrats and 49% of Republican voters said Wall Street hurts the economy more than it helps.

Oh, that's super bad for Wall Street.

Does anyone, like, like Wall Street?

Among Republican voters, 45% said Wall Street helps the economy. Among Democrats, only 30% saw Wall Street as helpful.


But what was the question these people were answering?

Were they responding to the "Wall Street" that Bernie Sanders has mythologized to his voters? An organized crime syndicate of enormous banks that is motivated entirely by an almost metaphysically evil greed. Like a supernatural version of the five families.

Or are they thinking of the rascally group of ragamuffins sometimes overly influenced by "shadow banking" favored by Hillary and her supporters? What with Hillary's name now synonymous with Goldman Sachs, which is in turn synonymous with "Wall Street evil," it would follow that more than a handful of Hillary voters had to choke down their hatred of banks to pull the lever for her.

Trump voters were probably not thinking about the banks that have forgiven mountains of debt to let Trump continue to pretend that he is still a major real estate developer, because that is way too complicated, and were instead likely thinking about those "paper-pushing hedge fund guys" when they decided that they don't like "Wall Street."

And they almost certainly were not envisioning the Wall Street that employed Ted Cruz's wife (Goldman Sachs even!) or John Kasich himself when they voted for Kasich or (haha) Cruz.

At this point in the election cycle that will seemingly never end, we take it as bible truth that America is united in hatred against Wall Street. But does anyone even know what we're talking about anymore?

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