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Ex-Banker Relishing Life Free Of Wall Street's Rabid Facial Hair Discrimination

Who will join him?
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Jon Corzine. Lloyd Blankfein. Gary Parr. All of these current and former bankers have sported facial hair during their careers in a so-called beard-unfriendly industry, but when you're CEO of Goldman Sachs or the vice chairman of Lazard, you don't have to give a baker's damn what people think of hirsute parts of your body. Sadly, rank and file financial services employees who would otherwise ditch their razors still prejudice about letting their facial hair follicles run free. So much so that at least one guy said ENOUGH; I REFUSE TO LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE.

Mr. Oldstone-Moore noted that beards are still taboo in politics, corporate finance and law, a point made by Eric Bandholz, a former financial adviser for Merrill Lynch, who says he faced anti-beard sentiment for years. Mr. Bandholz left the firm and started Beardbrand, a line of facial-hair products like beard oil and mustache wax, in 2012. “I wasn’t being myself,” he said.

Is The Beard Trend Over? [WSJ via Matt Levine]