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Ex-Barclays Analyst And Frontrunner For Worst Roommate Of Year Missed A Little Meeting In Manhattan Supreme Court

Scheduling conflict!
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What to do when you've been fired from your U.S.-based investment banking job through which you held a work visa that allowed you to live in the country, the termination of which means you need to hightail it back to Ireland ASAP, but you're supposed to show up in Manhattan Supreme Court on a later date to be indicted on animal cruelty charges? Probably go back in time and not lay any of your fingers on your roommate's cat, for one.

Declan Garrity, 24, still stands charged in with slowly torturing a feline named Lucy in a sick ordeal that lasted months in an Upper East Side apartment. Garrity was fired from the financial institution on March 4 and was told he had a month to leave the United States...Garrity began living in the Second Ave. home in November at which time the beloved 8-pound pet began acting strangely, the owner said. By February, Lucy had several broken bones, muscle injuries and burns, authorities said. Garrity was due in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday to be arraigned on his animal cruelty indictment. As a result, Justice James Burke ordered a bench warrant for Garrity after a brief talk with the lawyers on the case...Garrity's defense lawyer Telesforo Del Valle Jr. said his client saw an immigration lawyer for advice before leaving the country. The lawyer informed him he would be here illegally if he didn't leave, Del Valle said. “He didn't want to be in a federal prison,” the lawyer added.

Cat-torturing creep Declan Garrity back in native Ireland, Manhattan judge issues bench warrant [NYDN]

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