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Goldman Sachs Dangles $7 Million Carrot In Lloyd Blankfein's Face

You want it? Come and get it.
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It's unclear if the incentive means the board is thinking Lloyd will be sticking with this job until he's pushing 70, or if the rules of the payout remain even if he retires, but a bank can dream (an Gary Cohn can sit in his office with the lights off chanting, "Just breathe, Gar, just breathe.")

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. awarded Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein a $7 million bonus to be paid out over eight years if the firm meets certain targets, bringing his total compensation for last year to $30 million. Blankfein, 61, can receive more or less of the long-term incentive award based on whether the firm achieves return-on-equity and book-value targets, the New York-based firm said Friday in a filing. His package includes $14.7 million in restricted shares, a $6.3 million cash bonus and a $2 million salary...Blankfein’s total pay package for 2015 fell from $31 million a year earlier.

Goldman Sachs Gives Blankfein $7 Million Long-Term Incentive [Bloomberg]


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