Greece Thisclose To Agreement On Continuing To Punch Itself In The Face For No Reason


The latest chapter in the epic saga “GreekBailoutNegotiations” is nearing completion. There are, one Athens bard says, just a few “small details to settle on the fiscal side of things.” That’s because the big detail—Greece’s willingness to continue to prostrate and flagellate itself for the amusement of its creditors and “partners”—has already been squared away with a minimum of recriminations.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accused the IMF on Monday of continuing to insist on the application of wrong policies in Greece despite having admitted to mistakes in the two previous bailouts for the country that it co-financed.

"In Greece wrong policies were applied and it is a paradox that those who recognized that there were wrong policies, admitting their mistake, insist on applying the mistake," Tsipras said.

Greek talks with IMF/EU lenders drag on, compromise seen: msources [Reuters]