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Jack Dorsey Has Two Jobs And One Hip-Hop Star Promising To Ruin His Life With Bad Magic

Well, this is definitely today's most entertaining Fintech story.

In what is surely the leader in the clubhouse for "Fintech Story of the Day," rapper Azealia Banks has taken to Twitter to warn company CEO that he has really, really irked her.


According to Banks, Jack asked her to help him promote the Square Cash app, in exchange for Dorsey using his social network platform to tell everyone how much he loves her new mixtape but it seems that things got a little bit confused at some point because...Oh, we're just gonna let Ms. Banks handle this herself:

See? Just a simple - and rather en vogue - business arrangement. Jack uses his reah to publicize the album of an artist who can lend some cool to his Fintech app. But then things apparently got weird...quickly.

Umm...Ok. So there's some magic involved. Cool. But it would seem that the business arrangement turned..."problematic." 

And then it seems as if Jack began playing on Ms. Banks' phone...

Which was unadvisable, because do you remember the "Hair Amulet?"

Apparently she hasn't looked at Square's stock price recently, but that is beside the point at hand. What is important is that Azealia Banks means business when it comes to putting a hex on Jack Dorsey...

Ms. Banks went on to tweet references to Jack's personal life and the strength of hair curses (spoiler alert: they are strong) before revealing photographic evidence of her magical connection with Silicon Valley's most employed CEO...

Best of luck, Jack.


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