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Jack Dorsey Doesn’t Have Time For Your Questions!

Like parents, Wall Street just don't understand.
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Twitter is kind of in the tank right now, so Jack Dorsey decided to take a few minutes during his “mornings at Twitter” to sit down with reporters and not answer queries about the little bird’s future.

When pressed about the ad weakness that's weighing on Twitter's revenue and outlook, he pivoted to the fact that advertisers are shifting from Twitter's traditional ad formats to video ads, laying the groundwork for growth ahead. He wouldn't comment on whether Twitter is suffering from increased competition from advertisers such as Facebook and Snapchat, just saying that there's "a lot of opportunity" ahead in video ads….

Dorsey didn't answer a question about whether he wished the company was adding users faster, just saying that the company has "a lot to fix on the fundamentals." He wouldn't give any insight into how quickly he foresees the company adding users over the rest of the year. He also wouldn't say what impact he thinks Twitter's recent deal with the NFL will have on Twitter's user base.

But before you just get up and go, wait!

Jack Dorsey has some things to say!

Non-specific things about why Twitter is so great and how all you “squares” (Ha ha! A pun!) on the Street just don’t understand “live” and all of this upside it has that he, Jack Dorsey, will figure out how to monetize... although he’s gonna have to be tight-lipped about precisely how for now.

"We've never had more focus as a company, as a development team," said Dorsey. "I want to make sure that Twitter is the place that you check first thing to start your day. It will tell you exactly what's happening in the world. What's most important. What matters. And that's what we're driving towards, what we're focused…."

"We've always seen competition over our 10 years and we believe we have a leadership position in live. Live is not just about live streaming, but it's around these live events. And we think Twitter is better positioned than anyone else out there because the people on it are tweeting every single day about what they're seeing, what they're thinking, and about what's happening right now. Because we're public, because we're distributed, because we're real time, and because we're simple.

Dorsey said the investment community doesn't understand Twitter's massive power "influencing culture and influencing the world." He sees a path to make the service easier to use, which will "unlock new behavior."

Unlocking new behavoir like cogent explanations of revenue models?

Twitter CEO Dorsey: Here’s what Wall Street doesn’t get about us [CNBC]



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