Jack Lew Happy To See People Finally Get Their Heads Out Of Their Asses Re: Jack Lew

He's not just playing Angry Birds and eating in the government cafeteria, folks.

Nice as it is to finally get noticed around here (and to hang out with Lin-Manuel Miranda), the Treasury Secretary isn’t thrilled with the impression he’s just been keep keeping Alexander Hamilton’s seat warm (and practicing his penmanship) for the last three years.

You know, a guy doesn’t have to look like he’s getting a four-year long colonoscopy to prove that he’s working hard at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“If you look at any of the periods of the last three-plus years that I’ve been secretary, there have been issues that have been high-profile issues at every point. There is a coincidence that there are a number of things happening at the same time now,” he said.

“I can’t tell you why some things get people’s attention more than others, but there hasn’t been a slow period in the time I’ve been here,” Mr. Lew added.

A Treasury Secretary at the Center of Obama’s Most Pressing Policies [NYT]


Jack Lew To Be Nominated For Treasury Secretary, Sent To Penmanship School

As you have likely heard, President Obama plans to put Tim Geithner out of his misery tomorrow by nominating Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary. Lew is known for being Obama's White House Chief of Staff and also for having an absurd signature. And not like chicken scratch illegible-absurd, like not resembling anything in the alphabet, might as well have drawn an illustration of two alpacas fornicating/signed his name Mariah Carey absurd. And, should he be confirmed and subsequently have his name printed on a bunch of dollar bills, Lew will likely be forced to come up with something that actually looks like it spells "Jacob Lew" as opposed to what is he is currently signing receipts and important documents with, i.e. this: