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Jack Lew Happy To See People Finally Get Their Heads Out Of Their Asses Re: Jack Lew

He's not just playing Angry Birds and eating in the government cafeteria, folks.
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Nice as it is to finally get noticed around here (and to hang out with Lin-Manuel Miranda), the Treasury Secretary isn’t thrilled with the impression he’s just been keep keeping Alexander Hamilton’s seat warm (and practicing his penmanship) for the last three years.

You know, a guy doesn’t have to look like he’s getting a four-year long colonoscopy to prove that he’s working hard at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“If you look at any of the periods of the last three-plus years that I’ve been secretary, there have been issues that have been high-profile issues at every point. There is a coincidence that there are a number of things happening at the same time now,” he said.

“I can’t tell you why some things get people’s attention more than others, but there hasn’t been a slow period in the time I’ve been here,” Mr. Lew added.

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