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Lynn Tilton, Sued By The Funds She Created, Reminds Twitter Followers That "Haters Gonna Hate"

Talkin' to you, Alvarez & Marsal!
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Earlier this year, Patriarch Partners founder Lynn Tilton lost control of her firm's Zohar funds, whose condition investors claim Tilton and Co misrepresented. On Friday, she and Patriarch were sued for "allegedly refusing to provide financial records to the new manager," Alvarez & Marsal. Another private equity chief, under siege as Tilton has been for many months, might've cracked under the pressure, or lashed out, or gone into hiding. But Tilton is not your average private equity chief; instead, she went to her happy place, where all of these lawsuits and negativity can't hurt her. No, not the one where she dresses up like a naughty Kris Kringle. Not the one where she gives employees a choice between doing Jell-O shots off of her stomach or licking whipped cream off of her rack. And not the one where she celebrates deals by laying unsolicited and traumatizing kisses on clients. In this case, it's the various forms of social media where she's been hashtagging like there's no tomorrow since last March, and reminding those who would seek to take her down that whatever doesn't kill a Lynn Tilton makes her stronger.

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