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Och-Ziff Can’t Understand Why Justice Dept. Is Being A Total Dick About This Africa Bribery Thing

Once again, the DOJ is being deeply uncool about - like - everything.
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The more the Feds look into Och-Ziff Capital Management, the more places it is wont to find fault with how it’s doing business in Africa. It’s not just Libya and the Democratic Republic of Congo anymore. It’s allegedly Chad, Guinea, Niger and the other Congo, too. This is the sort of pattern of (alleged) behavior that makes the likes of Loretta Lynch think a little something more than a small fine and a promise not to do it again is warranted.

Au contraire, sayeth Och-Ziff: This whole (alleged) continent-wide carnival of corruption was (allegedly) the work of just two guys. And Och-Ziff hardly made any money on it! So you can’t be serious about this whole guilty plea thing, can you?

Och-Ziff’s lawyers have argued that the company shouldn’t be held criminally liable, and any potentially illegal behavior wasn’t widely known at the firm, with profits from the activities in question totaling less than $100 million, these people said….

The firm’s lawyers have attempted to persuade prosecutors to agree to a deferred prosecution agreement, in which any charges would be dismissed after a period if the company stays out of trouble, the people familiar with the matter said.

Och-Ziff, Authorities Spar Over Bribery Settlement Terms [WSJ]


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