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President Trump Has A Pretty Sexy Choice Lined Up To Run The Fed

The Trump/Icahn bromance is in its super-sexy monetary policy phase.

After romping to victory in his home state (excepting his home county of New York, New York), Freudian playground-turned-Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is already measuring the Oval Office drapes...because they are way too tasteful at the moment.

So ready is The Donald to take over leadership of the Free World that he is eschewing over the size of his wealth and penis for big boy talk. Like monetary policy!

The GOP frontrunner says low interest rates are good for America, even if the Fed Chair isn’t.
Donald Trump likes Janet Yellen’s low interest rates, but not the Federal Reserve Chairwoman herself.
“I think she’s done a serviceable job,” Trump tells Fortune. “I don’t want to comment on reappointment, but I would be more inclined to put other people in.”

But that mysterious candidate would have to agree with Trump's stance on interest rates...

“The best thing we have going for us is that interest rates are so low,” says Trump, comparing the U.S. to a homeowner refinancing their mortgage. “There are lots of good things that could be done that aren’t being done, amazingly.”

Who does Trump know that has a savvy business mind and is never content that enough "things" are "being done." Like, who is he close to? Who does he party with?

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn was on hand Tuesday night for Donald Trump's massive New York GOP primary win.

Uncle Carl!

When asked about the relationship between the two titans of business, Trump said "we just like each other." And for his part, Icahn declared that "Trump is the only candidate who can stop the terrible gridlock in Washington and make Congress work again."

But this relationship isn't without drama. In fact, we all remember a few months back when Carl turned down Donald's invitation to run his hypothetical Treasury Department.

However, anyone can run the Treasury but it takes a real pair of old brass balls to run the Fed.

"Federal Reserve Chairman Carl Icahn"

Now there's a collection of words put together...

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