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Princeton Class Of ‘99’s 50th Reunion Could Be An Awkward Affair

Even more so that usual...
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Or it’s 60th or 70th, depending on when Andrew W.W. Caspersen gets out the big house. I mean, what is this world coming to when you can’t blindly trust your fellow eating club alum?

According to charges announced by the Justice Department last week, Mr. Caspersen, who hails from a well-connected Wall Street family, contacted an unidentified hedge-fund employee saying he was looking to raise money for a new investment.

The complaint identified the employee only as Individual-1, but people familiar with the matter confirmed it was James McIntyre, who attended Princeton University at the same time as the 39-year-old Mr. Caspersen and works at hedge fund Moore Capital. Their wives also attended Princeton.

In Alleged Scheme, Caspersen Targeted Princeton Classmate [WSJ]