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Proposed Bonus Rules Would Mean Only Spending 60% Of Your Pay On Hookers And Blow At Once

Things are getting a little too real.
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If the hookers and the man or woman from whom you're acquiring said blow don't like that-- if they want you to spend more or give you a hard time about not making it rain like you once did-- you'll simply have to explain to them that due to the excessive risk-taking that contributed to the 2008 global financial crisis, you'll be back with more money to spend four years hence.

Wall Street executives would have to wait at least four years to collect most of their bonus pay and could be forced to return money if their companies lose big under rules being proposed to install one of the last major planks of the Dodd-Frank Act...The bonus deferrals in the proposal are tied to the size of the company as well as to the role of the employee -- covering not just top executives but also those in a position to have major impact on the firm’s bottom line. Senior officers of the largest firms would have 60 percent of their bonuses delayed for four years.

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