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Steve Rattner Was JK About The Whole Wanting To Work Again Thing

You know what, SEC? Steve Rattner is FINE.
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Seeing as how the former car czar has served more than five years of a two-year ban from the securities industry for allegedly greasing a few palms to win a few pension mandates, he thought it might be time for that black mark to be removed from his record. And, you know, to go to work for Guggenheim Partners. But since he’s having so much fun managing Mike Bloomberg’s money, he doesn’t want the SEC to go through the trouble of actually considering the matter.

So if they won’t just go ahead and unban him, forget it. He never really wanted it, anyway.

Mr. Rattner, whose legal troubles interrupted his work as the leader of the U.S. government’s auto-bailout program in 2009, told the SEC that he wanted to rescind his request to be reinstated to the brokerage industry and work for Guggenheim after learning that commissioners would reconsider it, the people said.

Davidson Goldin, a spokesman for Mr. Rattner, said Mr. Rattner had said “that he’s no longer interested due to his full time role as chairman of Willett Advisors,” which manages the fortune of Bloomberg L.P. founder and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as Bloomberg Philanthropies’ assets. Mr. Goldin said Mr. Rattner informed the SEC “weeks ago,” and that “anonymous sources telling you anything different are just wrong on the facts.”

SEC to Withdraw Order Granting Steven Rattner’s Return to Wall Street [WSJ]


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