Hedge Fund Titans To Be Entertained By Mormon Hipsters

The Killers will headline this year's SALT Conference...Cuz #TBT

You can feel it's almost SALT season because The Business Insider is already quivering with excitement...


Every May, more than 1,200 hedge funders head to Las Vegas for the Skybridge Alternatives Conference (SALT) hosted by Anthony Scaramucci.
The conference features panels top investors as well keynotes from celebrities and politicians.

But also "scoops"...

One the final eve of the four-day event, there's a private show. This year, it's The Killers. 

The Killers? 2004's hottest band of Mormon hipsters? Awesome.

We cannot wait to see the waves of emotion that swell and break across Bill Ackman's face while he listens to a live rendition of "Mr. Brightside."

The Killers are going to give a private concert at the hedge fund conference of the year [BI]