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Will Someone Please Put The Penny Out Of Its/Our Misery?

No, really. It's time.
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Now that our long national nightmare is over and Jean Valjean is staying on the $10 bill or something, we can turn our attention to the real currency crisis of our generation: all of these motherf*cking pennies. It costs 1.4 pennies to make a stupid penny, you know, and no one wants them: As many as two-thirds of them are thrown into drawers and between couch cushions and into the gutter and onto subway tracks, no proper merchant is happy accepting them, and those that still do would probably just take less money not to deal with them. Surely, we have a perfect, kick-Andrew-Jackson-off-the-$20 kind of solution here, right?

Without pennies, there would be a need for more nickels. And the Mint loses even more money making nickels than it does on pennies, since it costs 7.4 cents to make each 5-cent coin.


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