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Yale Business School Student Keeping Fingers Crossed He Doesn't Become A Murderous Psychopath

Hashtag goals.
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Luckily, if Scott Jacobs does start feeling the urge to off a few people, his Yale School of Management buddy has a simple (unique? strange? WTF are you talking about?) option for channeling that rage: go into private equity.

Eleven Yale business school students spill out of a Broadway theater after a performance of “American Psycho The Musical.” They’ve just watched a 1980s investment banker sing and chop through a coworker and homeless man and now they’re sorting out what the satire says about the real Wall Street, where some of them are looking for work. “I hope the traits of Patrick Bateman are not indicative of what I’ll become," said Scott Jacobs, 29. “I actually get offended when people give investment bankers a bad reputation.” Yet, his group nods at the exaggerated portrayal of their lives -- the obsession with business cards, clothes, clubbing at Tunnel and dreams of a table at Dorsia...“Nowadays, someone feeling a little alien at a place like Pierce & Pierce is probably more likely to jump over to private equity than go insane,” said Patrick McCarthy, 23, who works at a boutique investment bank.

What Young Wall Streeters See in ‘American Psycho The Musical’ [Bloomberg]


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