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Andrew W.W. Caspersen's Attorney Still Hoping To Avoid Defending His Client In Court

Ole double-barreled initials still hasn't struck a plea deal.
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Back in April, the attorney representing Andrew W.W. Caspersen-- accused of attempting to lure people like hedge fund manager Louis Bacon and Princeton classmates into a $95 million investment scam-- said he reaaaaally would prefer this case not to go to trial. "It’s not the most triable case" he told the Journal. Anyway, keep crossing your fingers for him it doesn't come to that.

Plea talks between federal prosecutors and ex-investment bank executive Andrew Caspersen, who is accused of defrauding friends, family and a charitable foundation of $25 million, are incomplete but moving forward. The negotiations were cited in an April 26 government filing made public Monday in Manhattan federal court. In it, prosecutors sought a one-month extension to either resolve the case or return an indictment against Caspersen, who was arrested in March...Caspersen allegedly stole $25 million from Bacon’s foundation and then tried to solicit $20 million more, as well as $50 million from a private-equity firm, according to prosecutors. Caspersen lost most of the money in risky stock option trades over a four-week period late last year, prosecutors said.

Caspersen Judge Told Plea Talks in Fraud Case Moving Ahead [Bloomberg]


I'd Have To Really Psych Myself Up To Defend Andrew Caspersen At Trial: Andrew Caspersen's Attorney

Can we all be honest with each other for a sec? My client doesn't stand a chance of winning this thing.