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Anthony Scaramucci Can't Stop Joining Campaign Finance Committees, So Now He's On Trump's

Third time is the charm for Mooch in 2016.

You don't have to tell Anthony Scaramucci that this has been a crazy election year. Homeboy is joining his third campaign finance committee.

Scaramucci was Scott Walker's biggest fan on Wall Street before becoming a chief fundraiser for JEB! after Walker dropped out.

Per WaPo:

Anthony Scaramucci, a high-profile New York investor and a leading fundraiser on several past Republican presidential campaigns, said Monday that he has signed on to join Donald Trump's nascent national finance committee.

Mooch will join fellow "hedge fund guy" Steven Mnuchin on Trump's finance committee, adding another ironic twist to the strangest presidential election in memory. Scaramucci putting on Trump's pledge is especially weird for those of us that remember his mysterious meeting with Trump last August, after which Mooch called for Trump to stop bashing hedge funds and joined up with JEB!

But now Scaramucci seems to be hoping that hedge fund money will become Trump's not-so-secret weapon against Hillary Clinton.

Scaramucci is founder and co-managing partner of SkyBridge Capital, a global investment firm, and also works as a host and contributor on FOX Business Network. He confirmed his role with the Trump campaign while flying Monday afternoon to Las Vegas, where he hosts the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference, a major annual gathering of hedge fund managers and financial titans that begins on Tuesday. He said he and Mnuchin plan to huddle with potential Trump donors at the conference, known as SALT.

The idea of SALT taking on the extra wrinkle of being an ersatz Trump campaign event is almost too much to process, but we're genuinely happy that Scaramucci finally has his man for 2016.

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