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AT&T Now Part Of The Under-Bidding Process For What's Left Of Yahoo: Bloomberg

"Seriously bro?" asks a weary Verizon.

Who doesn't want to take a shot at buying the smoldering pile that was once Yahoo? Well, not AT&T apparently!


Per Bloomberg:

AT&T Inc. made a bid for Yahoo and remains a contender to acquire the Sunnyvale, California-based company’s core internet business, according to people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified as the information isn’t public.
The telecom giant had previously decided against making an offer, people familiar with the matter said in April. AT&T kept one foot in the process through its stake in digital advertising business YP Holdings LLC., which had proposed a merger with a subsidiary spun out of Yahoo’s core business. However, YP is no longer pursuing such a transaction, one of the people said.

Because why take a part of Yahoo's business when you can bid on the WHOLE thing and make your chief rival pay more for that sh!t?

AT&T may also be interested in Yahoo to help it compete with Verizon, which bought AOL Inc. last year and now has advertising technology and media properties that are similar to those owned by Yahoo. Verizon -- which has made no secret of its desire to buy Yahoo -- may still be a more likely suitor than AT&T, two of the people said, given the synergies with the AOL business.

It seems that broken internet giants are the must-have accessory for huge phone companies these days. How long until Sprint acquires Lycos?

AT&T Is Interested in Buying Yahoo's Internet Business [Bloomberg]



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