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Broker Who Laid Groundwork For Insider Trading Scheme At Bachelor Party Gets Half A Decade In Prison

Martyn Dodgson knows what we're talking about.
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Martyn Dodgson, the ex-Deutsche Bank broker who met his main co-conspirator at a "stag" party back in 2001, with whom he and a few other buddies generated a nice little profit* based on material non-public info Dodgson picked up at his job, is going away for a while.

Dodgson, 44, was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison Thursday, alongside his friend Andrew Hind, an accountant who was given a 3-1/2 year term for the same offense. The men were found guilty of insider dealing Monday after a four-month trial...Dodgson showed a “gross breach of trust," Pegden said while highlighting that the crimes were committed during a period when the banker was well compensated by his job, which paid him more than 600,000 pounds ($868,000) in 2009. He gained 469,720 pounds from the insider trading, and Hind took profits of 238,460 pounds.

Ex-Deutsche Bank Broker Gets Record Sentence for Insider Trading [Bloomberg]

*Which Dodgson maintains was totally accidental!