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Cliff Asness Basically Thinks This Election Is 'Totes Ratchet'

Cliff is hashtag OVER it.

Wall Street money has had the effect of a fart in a wind tunnel this election cycle, and that has left more than few super-rich financiers pretty pissed at ending up faced with the Hillary or Trump dilemma.


One of those livid billionaires is AQR Capital's Cliff Asness. The erstwhile builder of Batcaves attended the Milken Conference in Beverly Hills last week and sat on a panel about the presidential election. The highlight of that discussion was Asness' Millennial-sounding answer to who has his vote.

Cliff Asness, co-founder of the hedge fund AQR Capital Management, gave more than $1 million to Rubio’s campaign, but when asked at the Milken conference whether he would support Trump or Clinton in the general election, he answered, “Hashtag neveranyofthem. I’m deeply disappointed with what are the likely two choices. I think I’m flipping a coin.” 

Without Rubio in the race, Cliff like can't even with voting or whatever. He's never been shy about the fact that Trump is one of his triggers, and he's one of the most outspoken, politically active libertarians on the whole hedge fund scene so it's hard to believe that Asness is being completely hashtag honest with himself that he's actually going to sit this one out.

These hedge funders are dismayed at the presidential race [YahooFinance]



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