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Lack of Perks '16: Credit Suisse Is One Step Away From Asking Employees To Pitch In And Pay The Office Electric Bill

We're in some dark times.
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From the front lines:

"CS now requires bankers to pay for their own mobile phones. New reimbursement policy "piggy backs" on personal phone plans. CS will now not reimburse employees for domestic data usage and reimbursement for voice will be limited to certain thresholds. How bad you have to be to ask your employees to basically "share your family data plan with me". So now if you work at the bank you need to provide a line to your wife, son and CS. Further, if you choose to get reimbursed for business calls using your personal phone (again, only option now), employees need to submit personal phone records so somebody in back-office can see what business calls you have made. Some people have decided to pay extra (again CS will not pay for domestic data, only business calls based on predetermined threshold) and get a separate line in order to avoid."


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