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Hillary Clinton Is Looking At The Fed, And She's Seeing A Lot Of White Dudes

Janet Yellen is getting a bit sick of this sh!t.

Janet Yellen can't catch a break this election season.

If it's not Trump telling everyone that he'll fire her for doing all the things he likes, it's the Warrenista/Sandersista junta making a huge stink about the fact that her bank is led almost entirely by old caucasian bros.

On Thursday, Sanders and top Democratic lawmakers called on the Fed to increase the number of minorities in leadership positions. They also urged the central bank to consider the high unemployment rate among some racial groups as its debates whether to keep pulling back its support for the American economy.
In a letter to Fed Chair Janet Yellen, the lawmakers argued that more minority representation would help broaden the Fed’s internal discussions about the health of the economy. In addition to Sanders, 10 senators signed the letter, including banking committee members Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Robert Menendez of New Jersey. California Rep. Maxine Waters, ranking member of the House financial services committee, was among the more than 100 House Democrats who joined the effort as well.

It's always something.

But the one person that Janet can count on to leave her alone and let her like set monetary policy or whatever, is Hillary Clinton. After all, Hillary is the one pro-Wall Street centrist who eschews this kind of Neel Kashkari liberal bullsh!t and lets the adults get on with being adults.


Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said she would support changes to the top ranks of the Federal Reserve, an issue recently championed by progressive groups amid debate over how long the central bank should keep supporting the American economy.

Et tu, Hill?

In a statement to The Washington Post, Clinton’s campaign said she supports removing bankers from the boards of directors and increasing diversity within the Fed.
"The Federal Reserve is a vital institution for our economy and the well-being of our middle class, and the American people should have no doubt that the Fed is serving the public interest,” spokesman Jesse Ferguson said. “That's why Secretary Clinton believes that the Fed needs to be more representative of America as a whole and that commonsense reforms -- like getting bankers off the boards of regional Federal Reserve banks -- are long overdue.”

So if we ever find ourselves wondering why Janet Yellen took up drinking as a hobby in 2016...

Hillary Clinton to support Federal Reserve change sought by liberals [WaPo]



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