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Jack Lew Will Not Lower Himself To Comment On Trump...But

Even Jack Lew can't keep silent anymore.

Listen up, jerks! Jack Lew is a serious man with a serious job doing serious things to find serious solutions to serious problems.


So when Donald Trump starts to talk about the sh!t that Jack Lew is actually working on, like management of America's debt, Jack Lew is going to just ignore Trump's clownboy "I love to play with my debt in my tiny hands" shenanigans.

For instance, when Trump says "I would borrow, knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal," and then backs it up by telling voters that our government can never default because we literally print money (duh), Jack Lew is not going to take that bait.

And Jack Lew proved that Jack Lew is a serious guy when pressed on Trump's comments yesterday in Puerto Rico where he is working on, like, a real debt crisis right now.

According to the FT, the Treasury Secretary demurred from responding by saying that he wasn't commenting on "anything that anyone is saying on the campaign trail” because while it might be hot in San Juan, Jack Lew packed his big boy pants.

But... sometimes even Jack Lew can't let Trump's brain droppings just sit there on the floor:

As someone who for the last three plus years has been responsible for managing our federal debt, we have the deepest most liquid market in the world for US treasuries and that’s based on the fact that for our entire history it has been a very high priority to treat the servicing of our debt as a responsibility that we have to take very, very seriously.

Again, Jack Lew is NOT commenting on Donald Trump, you guys, so don't even ask.




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